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30.09.2011 in BEAUTY, CELEBRITY by 0

Dita Von Teese: Style Evolution!

Dita von Teese may be known best for her burlesque moves on stage…but off stage we find Dita’s style to be equally alluring.

The risque performer has always had a pretty distinct appearance when it comes to her retro-chic fashion choices but there’s certainly no denying that Dita looks fab and polished no matter what she’s wearing.

Dita’s trademark style ranges from curve-hugging vintage dresses to dark goth-like looks bringing out her inner vampire with her fair complexion and signature red lips. We wonder if her ex-boyfriend Marilyn Manson’s style rubbed off on her…

In honor of the burlesque star’s 39th birthday, see how Dita went from flashy showgirl to classy fashionista!

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